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Colorado rules of professional conduct
Diagram of the Grievance Process
Colorado Attorney Regulation
Disciplinary Actions
Colorado Rules of Procedure Regarding Attorney Discipline
The Boston Bar on Advertising
This is a podcast of a program called “The Boston Bar.” This installment is about Attorney advertising. There is no video-audio only and it last about 54 minutes.

In your “spare time,” you might like to listen to hear more about the issues with regard to advertising for lawyers
Worst Lawyer Commercials
Paul McClimans shared this link in Discussion #4. Here it is in case you haven’t had a look

Lowering the Bar
links to ABA Resources
ABA Model Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegal Services

Model Rules of Professional Conduct

OWL Online Writing Lab
Keystrokes Word 2003
Regulation Statements for NFPA and NALA
NFPA Paralegal Regulation
NALA statement on Professional regulation


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