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2 women who warned of cancer epidemic – Bernice Eddy, PhD and Sarah Stewart, MD PhD

Few of us today understand the significance of the work of two women biologists in 1959: Dr. Bernice Eddy, PhD, US Public Health Service, and Dr. Sarah Stewart, MD PhD, NIH.

Asked to discontinue testing of influenza after 2 decades at the Hygienic lab as she called it, Dr. Bernice Eddy, PhD was given in 1954 the task of testing the new Salk vaccine. ┬áHer results were not very encouraging for the first inoculated monkeys were paralyzed shortly after the inoculations. ┬áNevertheless, “We had eighteen monkeys. We inoculated these eighteen monkeys with each vaccine that came in. And we started getting paralyzed monkeys.Continue reading



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